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As a learner, Build indebt Academic Knowledge, sound comprehension in Science, Arts, Commercials, entrepreneurial skills and more.
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We furnish teachers to empower the learners. Use our existing resources to facilitate teaching and learning process.

  • Reliable

    Created by experts, library of lessons.

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    Run live classes with the leaners.

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innovation solutions for Schools

A cloud-based system which combines School Management, Accounting, Learning Management, and Virtual Classroom Management systems with access to premium educational content.

School Management Software

Save time, cost and human resource to manage and develop schools. Teachers, Students, Parents, Finance and so on.

Learning Management & Virtual Classroom Integration

Create and administer courses online, run live classes and conduct online tests, payments integration, etc.

Customize Learning Content

Use our trusted contents to enhance your teachers' skill with thousands of assessment for students

Girl Child Education

Education is the most important way of empowerment the girl child and women in our society. Hence, in support of the United Nations and WHO movement to ensure the education of the girl child, Acadasuite e-learning platform will be giving scholarship to every girl child who subscribe to our website, particularly those in certain regions of Africa where the girl child is denied easy access to affordable and quality education.

Less privileged Children

The quality of education remains a major challenge in Africa and repetition and drop-out rates are high. More than one student in ten repeats at least one grade in primary school in more than half of all countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Join us in providing quality education especially for the most needy children and families, while at the same time increasing the quality of teaching and learning.

What Differentiates ACADASUITE

Promoting equal access to education and making learning more interesting unlike normal classroom.

Learning Hub for everyone

Learning is customized to suite the leaner’s needs, strengths, skills and interests.

Reliable contents

Our contents are created by world-class educational consultants to assist students, teachers and schools

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With ACADASUITE, teachers will learn how to deliver their very best to meet the needs of individual learners.

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